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5 Tips To Be The Boss Before You Get Promoted

Have you been in a regular place in the team for a long time and are you thinking about a leadership position? In that case, be active and try to demonstrate your leadership skills in your current position. On the one hand, you will experience what it is like to manage the work of others, on the other hand, you will draw attention to yourself and be more likely to receive a promotion. In addition, this experience will also come in handy when you are looking for a new position, this time as a boss. So what do you do to become a leader?

Put yourself in a leadership role

If you haven’t had it in you for a long time, awaken it in you – vision. Think and imagine how to take on a task or project, but also how to improve the daily functioning of something that is already set up. From the general idea, go more into detail and try to think about what needs to be done when solving this particular project. In short, think like a leader. When you have a vision and thoughtful steps forward, others will come to you for input and begin to follow you over time.

“Think and imagine how to take on a task or project, but also how to improve the daily functioning of something that is already set up.


Become an expert

Your job includes several areas. Focus on those where you can apply your leadership skills as well as expertise. Study them, educate yourself in them, and become an “expert” on them whom others will respect. It may be some internal process in the company that other colleagues do not understand very well. Or studying some legal area that affects the functioning of the company.

Show up for meetings

Showcase your vision and expertise at meetings. To be successful, prepare for them carefully. If their content is not clear in advance, want to know it in advance. You won’t shoot opinions on how to solve this or that on the spot, but you will think about them in advance and look for any additional information about them. This will strengthen your leadership and expert role. But it doesn’t mean that only you will speak and you won’t let others speak. A good leader should be able to listen and work with the opinions of others: respond to them and argue for or against them. But never put them down or make fun of them. This will only make enemies. Also, actively take on projects in which you can excel thanks to your skills and knowledge.

TIP: If you are applying for a leadership position, the interview will probably test your ability to solve different situations. See what questions they might ask you and how to prepare for such an interview.

Find a role model

Look around and notice how individual bosses lead their teams. Do you like any of this? If so, you can “take” it to your leaderboard. If you admire the leadership skills of someone in the company, ask them to mentor you. Watch him at work for a few hours if he agrees. Notice how he manages his time, what procedures he uses in solving various tasks, and how he deals with subordinates and superiors.

Be patient and don’t get discouraged

No one becomes a leader overnight. It is true that some people are more capable of leadership, but that does not mean that they do not need to learn and gain experience in the field of management. Therefore, no one should expect that he will start to assert himself and be promoted in a few weeks. It takes time, patience, desire to learn, and also determination. You will see how they react to your efforts in the company. If they appreciate it, meet it, and are inclined to help you in your career, you are on the best path to success. But if you feel indifferent and see no possibility of growth, look for positions in other companies. Perhaps during an interview, you will convince another employer that you have the necessary skills and will hire you for a leadership position. In short, go after your goal, and don’t be discouraged.